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Cheese Cake Made With Sweet Potato

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  • Cheese Cake Made With Sweet Potato

    I once had a cheesecake made with sweet potato. It was white, had the consistency of real cheese cake but had no dairy. I don't seem to be able to find a recipe to duplicate it. The vegan ones have tofu. Any one have any ideas?

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    Hmmm... I think what would probably work best would be to culture some coconut cream using kefir grains, drain it so it's the consistency of cream cheese, and make a standard sweet potato cheesecake (lotsa recipes out there) using the coconut kefir instead of the cream cheese. You need something high in protein for it to cook up properly - that's what the tofu or cream cheese is for.


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      Some sweet potatoes are white anyway, I had some last week. They were pretty sweet too, I would think in a cheesecake no additional sugar would be needed.
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        I made this recipe for cocoa cheesecake balls from the Wheat Belly blog: Mini Cocoa Cheesecake Pops | Wheat Belly

        It uses canned pumpkin, which is pretty similar to sweet potato. They were good, and really did have a cheesecake kind of texture.