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Easy. Hassle free Primal Weight Loss Diet for Ovo-Vegetarians

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  • Easy. Hassle free Primal Weight Loss Diet for Ovo-Vegetarians

    Hi there,

    Below is my planned daily diet for vegetarians who can consume eggs. Best of all it hardly needs any preparation (Total prep time: less than 30mins)

    Breakfast (Prep Time: less than 10 mins) - 7am
    1 Apple.
    6 whole boiled eggs (Consume eggs only 30mins after eating apple for proper digestion)

    Lunch & Dinner (Prep Time: 20mins) Lunch - 1pm & Dinner 7pm
    Tom Yam Veg Soup: 220g Spinach, 1 large Capsicum (186g), 1 Med Tomato (123g) + 2 cubes of Tom Yam Stock. Include spices like Garlic, Onions, fresh green & red Chillies,Cumin Seeds and Blended whole black pepper.

    For Lunch take soup with 5 Whole Boiled Eggs.
    For Dinner take soup with 4 whole boiled eggs

    60g Walnuts & 80g Almonds to be taken whenever hungry in between main meals (Take 2hrs before or after main meals for proper digestion)eg- 10-11am and 3-5pm

    Total Macro-nutrients:- Protein 110g (21%)
    Carbs 78g (15%)
    Fats 145g (63%)
    Total Calories:- 2048

    For higher calories requirement increase consumption of eggs and walnuts only. Do not increase almonds as almonds have higher carbs than walnuts.

    This plan is especially for those who want to lose fat fast. For those who want to maintain can increase carb intake by throwing in an addition serving of fruit and 2-3 serving of Vegetables.