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  • Appetizers

    I'm going to a girls night in next week and I'm the only Paleo eater in the group. What are a few good appetizer ideas that I can bring over with me.

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    If you're willing to cheat a bit, you could make hummus, or perhaps some other kind of paleo-friendly dip with some veggies. Home-made fries (esp. sweet potato) would be awesome, and deviled eggs are my personal favorite.
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      Mmmm deviled eggs! I like to make mine with wasabi mustard.

      A charcuterie plate is good. I also like to make an antipasto plate with artichokes, marinated mushrooms, caper berries, roasted red pepper and pickled garlic. I'll also do beef rollups where I spread a creamy cheese on slices of roast beef, put roasted pepper and peppercini in the middle, roll it up and put a toothpick through it. I've also brought a sashimi (sushi) platter - while the rice isn't primal, I have no problem making the periodic exception and you can always just eat the fish and leave the rice. Pickled vegetables of any kind are always good.

      Have fun!


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        I just discovered the yumminess that is goat cheese stuffed dates. My mouth waters just thinking about them!


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          bacon wrapped figs or dates?
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            Asparagus spears wrapped in proscuitto and cooked in a griddle pan - salty, crunchy, smokey deliciousness!


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              grilled bacon wrapped dates are ridiculously good. and i want to have those asparagus things NOW. could do pears and parma?


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                Fruit kebobs
                Seed crackers
                Deviled eggs
                Mozzarella and grape tomato and basil toothpick skewers
                Spinach artichoke dip
                Olives stuffed with goat cheese
                Stuffed mushroom caps
                Swedish meatballs
                Antipasto salad
                Jalapenos stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon
                Scallops with bacon
                Eggplant rollatini
                Cucumber slices topped with a cold salad or nut butter
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                  Something like this?

                  Oh, and canapé bites!

                  Cucumber base, piece of smoked salmon, piece of pickled herring, whatever, caviar on top, dill to garnish. Make up similar with gherkin, egg and caviar ... your imagination is the limit!

                  Even the tiny inner leaves of lettuce topped with guacamole, some prawns and a herb garnish.

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                    Wow, what a great response!!! I've only been true paleo for 2 weeks now and already have lost 10 pounds, so trying really hard not to cheat, so thanks so much for the ideas, they all sound delicious!! Great ideas for my New Years Eve party as well. Keep 'em coming! :-D BTW, I've seen the goat cheese stuffed dates and have been dying to try them, so these may make it on my list.


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                      buffalo wings!
                      Make It Paleo has some great app-a-teaser recipes
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