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drying meat at 185 degrees?

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  • drying meat at 185 degrees?

    I would like to make jerky for the first time in my life. I know there are many people here who arenīt afraid of raw meat (I respect that) but I am. I have a two and a half year old daughter who wants to try everything I eat so I want to play it very safe. I do not have a dehydrator so I have to use the oven...I have found one recipe where they recommend drying the meat at 185 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours for this temperature should kill all bacteria (as opposed to the usual 165 degrees as drying temperature). Will this lead to good results or will the meat be too dry or even burned? And is 185 degrees really enough to kill all bacteria/germs/parasites? I am asking because cooking/baking/frying temperature is much higher!
    Thank you so much!

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    I've made jerky in a dehydrator and in a smoker. It is cooking, but at a low temperature. It important to use lean meat. Make sure there isn't any fat in your pieces. The fat will go rancid and this make the jerky not shelf stable.

    Honestly, I have kids and it never occurred to me that the kids or us could get sick. We even had the jerky stored in a cool/cold garage for several weeks. We never got ill from it. You are curing/seasoning it prior to dehydrating the meat?

    Heating the meat up to 160 should be enough to kill any bacteria.
    I don't recall cooking my jerky at 185. This seems high.


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      If you think about it you can cook meat in a crock pot which is very low heat and this is very safe
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        low temp ... like 185-200 .. wooden spoon in the door to keep it slightly open

        only need like 1.5-3 hours depending on thickness
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          When I made pemmican, I dried my meat out at 120ish for a really long time. I make jerky all the time at 155 and have never had any issues. I think you will be just fine.


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            I doubt that you could really tell what temperature the meat was dried at if it's under 200 or so. I think that's more a function of how long it takes.


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              You want to do jerky at the lowest setting on your oven with the door cracked. My oven goes to 170 but some go lower. 185 would likely cook it not jerky it.