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  • Awesome Ice Cream Solution!

    I used to love eating ice cream, gave it up almost a year ago. Yesterday, I put a handful of frozen blueberries in a half a cup of coconut milk in a bowl. It started getting really thick as I stirred it. Then, I thought, "why not add some 100% powdered baking chocolate?". This started looking really good and tasted like pudding. I looked outside and saw 6" of new snow, so I grabbed a handful and stirred it into the concoction...OMG. It had the look, consistency and taste of the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had, with amazing little blueberries for good measure.

    As I was eating it, I realized this is very close to Eskimo ice cream where they mix blueberries with seal oil and snow. Now, if only I can kill a seal....

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    or u can buy an ice cream maker and make coconut ice cream urself, win win, thats what i did
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      Or just whizz up frozen berries, straight from the freezer, with coconut milk (or heavy cream if you do dairy)...instant ice cream!
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        It sounds heavenly. Mmmm.
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          Instead of/as well as coconut milk, I also throw in an avocado and some flavoured protein powder (I know it's not strictly primal, but there ya go!) with 1/2 a cup of blueberries. Makes a great desert
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            Try adding macadamias w sea salt. Amazing straight out of the freezer!


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              I zoop 1 cup of cranberries with a slice of a lemon, 2 egg whites, a few ice cubes, a tbsp of coconut milk (if I am generous with calories), vanilla, cinnamon and some cranberry pop (yeah, I know, art. sweeteners) or water and stevia for a nice smoothie.
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                pineapple juice (just a little for flavor) and coconut milk ice cream.

                frozen banana (google 1 ingredient ice cream)

                sorry, I don't quite like berry ice cream or (eww) cocoa powder ice cream :P
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                  We keep heavy coffee mugs in the freezer, throw some berries in the bottom and then pour some coconut milk over the top.....smush with spoon and call it ice cream, the cold mug makes a huge difference in the summer. For our non-primal peeps we do this with 'So Delicious' Vanilla coconut milk, it does have a little sweetner in it, but normally we just use canned coconut milk
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                    Add desiccated (roasted) coconut and nuts and you will be in heaven.

                    We use 80% chocolate chips if we really want to be decadent.

                    Make your own coconut milk tastes so much better.


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                      You can kill seals, you just a use a big club similar to a baseball bat. . . . ohhhhh, that was NOT PC.