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coconut chipotle beef chili

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  • coconut chipotle beef chili

    2 packages of grass-fed beef mince, 4 cans of organic chopped tomatoes, 3 red onions, 1 can of red kidney beans, a block of coconut cream and a dash of coconut flour, 6 chipotle chilis (washed and chopped), 3 bulbs of garlic (ish), 1 cup homemade chicken stock, and cumin/thyme/oregano/black pepper to taste. i let it stew about 2 hours.

    yum. (warning: high risk of "hot arse" syndrome the next day!)

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    sounds pretty good minus the beans. wouldnt the cream over dilute the chipolte heat? im latino so hot stuff is def for me.
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      i think the coconut probably diluted the heat about as much as the meat itself would. it was pretty hot as it was and there was plenty of scope for using more chipotles to up the heat factor. the coconut was kind of a background flavour and didn't take over the chili-ness of the dish at all. the beans, however, were suuuuuper diluted; they probably constituted about 1% of the chili by volume and .5% of the calories, so i wasn't really worried about them except for providing zones of changed texture. celery might work?