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Need help with lunch ideas for hubby

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  • Need help with lunch ideas for hubby

    Hello all, I'm just starting out going primal. My husband has decided to join me! I'm usually alone in my diet/eating plan ventures. I have for the last three years followed the Fast-5 lifestyle (Fast for 19 hours/eat within a 5 hour window...usually 4:30-9:30) husband is on the standard eat throughout the day plan. So for me, breakfast and lunch are non-issues...I need no planning etc....however now that he will be joining me.....I need some assistance on lunch ideas for him. He is an electrician who works outside (no access to microwaves, fridge etc.) Can someone please give me some suggestions?

    Unfortunately, in my quest to learn everything, read, print,etc...I have hit a wall an am suffering from analysis paralysis. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. He needs to lose about 25 lbs, I need to lose around 10. We will be eating dairy (cream/some cheese)
    Thanks in advance

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    You could do some lettuce "wraps" chicken, bacon, cheese, etc wrapped in a large lettuce leaf. Bake some primal muffins with coconut flour for a side/dessert - they are good for grab and go situations. Just google a few recipes. =)
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      maybe like a tuna or chicken salad with homemade mayo? throw in some celery, peppers, or whatever

      cobb-type salads


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        I like tuna with chopped peppers, onions, chives, and a little mustard. That goes a long way.
        Beef Jerky
        Nuts and berries are good
        I like the bacon, egg, avocado and tomato salad (find it in the Reader Created Cook Book). Maybe you could add chucks of tuna or even some chunks of pork chops?
        Cottage Cheese with ground nuts and berries
        Hard boiled eggs or egg salad

        You can also visit Primal Blueprint Recipes on Mark’s Daily Apple | Mark's Daily Apple for more recipes. Also, download the Reader Created Cook Book. There is some delectable stuff in there too.


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          Thanks guys. I downloaded the recipe books and made some pumpkin muffins which turned out nice. He says he will see if he can fast a couple lunches a week. We'll see. Thanks again.