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Looking for cocount recipes that cover up the taste of coconut

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  • Looking for cocount recipes that cover up the taste of coconut

    I have never liked the taste of coconut and I tried to force myself to eat it a few times after going primal, but I couldn't stomach it. However, I have since found that a curry made with enough cumin, tumeric and spices to cover up the taste of coconut is awesome. However, I am getting sick of the same curry. Does anyone know any other recipes that use coconut but make it taste different? I will even take other curry recipes.
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    Everyday Paleo has a nice thai shrimp soup recipe that uses a whole can of coconut milk with lemon grass. It's very pleasant.
    Even my anti-coconut husband likes it.
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      That's tough, but anything with strong spices that uses milk or cream -- and then substitute coconut milk -- should work. I actually use a refined coconut oil for most cooking -- it is NOT as good as virgin, but it does get rid of most of the coconut taste.
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        If you don't like it, don't use it.


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          Originally posted by Finnabair View Post
          If you don't like it, don't use it.
          Not very helpful. Since I am trying to cut out dairy I need a source of fat to replace the calories/energy I used to get from milk, butter and cream.
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            Different curries have completely different flavour profiles - think Indian v Thai v Malaysian, or green v red v yellow. Perhaps just take a look at some authentic cookbooks for each cuisine, to see what balance of herbs/spices each uses, and adapt other ingredients as necessary to Primalise them (e.g. changing the oils used).

            I know what you mean - a good Asian curry is the ONLY way I can tolerate coconut extracts in any form. Straight up coconut flesh, oil or milk ... bleucchhh!
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              Sautee a diced onion in lots of coconut oil, then add mexican seasonings, then brown your ground beef in it and then dump in a bunch of salsa.

              Good all purpose meat mix. Dump it on shredded spinach for a tostada-like salad. Stick it in an omelette. Eat it by its lonesome with some hunks of avocado on top.