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    I've started this primal business at the beginning of October and I'm already down ten pounds without much effort. I'm able to eat without counting my calories and I'm able to go to the gym without scrutinizing over every calorie burned. If I want fried chicken, I eat it, if I want cheesecake, I eat it. With a few modifications this taboo food becomes acceptable. I love to cook and surprisingly following the rules hasn't been difficult. I've taken pictures of some of the meals I've made for family and thought this would be a good place to share them. You may see a few missteps throughout (i.e. sweet potatoes and black beans sometimes make an appearance)

    Lamb shank 'osso bucco'
    Osso Bucco is traditionally made with veal shank, however veal cost about $19/lb and the lamb cost me $6/lb. I braised the lamb in a mixture of onions, garlic, dices tomatoes, red wine, and beef stock along with some dried herbs. Prior to the braise I seared the lamb shank. I served this over mashed acorn squash, which is really easy to prepare. I cut the squash in half, remove the seeds, put in a bowl with about an inch of water, and microwave for about 10 minutes. Scoop, stir, and done.


    This is a sweet dumpling squash that I stuffed with cream cheese, corn, cilantro, pork , and spiced up with some salt, pepper, and comino.


    Garlic and peppercorn crusted pork tenderloin cooked in the oven for about 30 minutes. I made a poblano sauce by sauteing onions, garlic, and poblano peppers added some red wine and beef stock, let it reduce then thickened with a touch of tapioca flour. Served all on top of sweet potato and cauliflower mash. Simply boiled the two together, drained, and mashed. and then a skewer of grilled shrimp placed on top.

    I'm from San Antonio so it's pretty common to have tacos at least once a day. We have breakfast tacos, fajita tacos, street tacos, taco trucks, taco huts, I mean Tacos galore!! So instead I use romaine lettuce in place of my beloved tortilla and really don't miss much. Honestly don't remember whats in this taco mixture mess. I believe chicken and a homemade tomatillo sauce (tomatillo, onion, garlic, jalepeno, cilantro)


    This one was pretty simple. Grilled Ribeye, cauliflower risotto style, and sauteed onions and portebello.
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    Here's more!

    Seared Ahi Tuna over a bed of sauteed spinach


    Not as pretty. Grilled fish over spaghetti squash with homemade pesto.


    Pumpkin chicken curry