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How to flavor homemade kombucha

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  • How to flavor homemade kombucha

    Ok all you kombucha makers, I need some help. I made up a batch of kombucha at home (black tea), and aside from being a little sweet (my candy fiend wife added the sugar when we first brewed the tea), I think it's great. my wife, who really wants to have kombucha on a regular basis isn't wild about it. We both love GT's ginger flavor, and we want to try to give ours that flavor..., how do I do that? do i just drop some grated ginger in while it's fermenting? Is there some trick to flavoring it? If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

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    The Wilderness Childe: Ginger Kombucha!


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      thanks diana...i'll give it a go with the batch i'm making this weekend.


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        You can add the flavor of choice for the second fermentation, I like using organic blackberries.


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          also, if you let it keep fermenting it will get less sweet.


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            I add shaved ginger to the bottles at the secondary fermentation stage . Every bottle gets ginger. To that I add a couple tablespoons of fruit or juice. Passion fruit puree, sliced strawberries and sliced dried apricots are fabulous.