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Need ground meat recipe

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  • Need ground meat recipe

    I recently bought ground bison at a local farm and need some suggestions on what to do with it. Add it over veggies like I usually do with tuna, shrimp or eggs? I was thinking more of a meal type recipe, not just a salad topper.


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    I like making meatloaf out of ground bison a lot.

    I used Son of Grok's recipe as a foundation but added a lot of my own changes to it. His link :


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      Haley, while I don't know how to cook in a traditional way, I do manage to make strange looking but delicious things.

      - Chop white onions and tomatoes in small squares

      - Mix them with a bit of (good) balsamic and throw them in a pan

      - Add some chopped black olives

      - Add some water to the pan and a lot of olive or lard (I use both simultaneously)

      - Once almost all the water has evaporated and have a reduction, add the ground meat.

      - at this point, due to the lack of water, the mixture will transition from boiling to frying.

      - when the meat is cooked, add one or two eggs on top, stir a bit for a couple of mins, add some salt and pepper, and serve.

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        Ground bison makes for extremely tasty enchiladas. You can probably make egg crepes for the "tortillas". Since bison is much leaner than beef, you might want to add some extra lard or beef tallow to get the same mouthfeel.


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          I used ground beef instead of stew beef with the following recipe and it turned out really well.

          Have made it a couple times since. Yum. I've also simplified it to just using curry powder and a little cumin for the seasoning instead of toasting and grinding my own.


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            I'll definitely try the bison meatloaf.

            How does one make egg crepes without flour?


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              I bet you could also make some killer stuffed peppers with that ground bison, assuming you're not paleo and still eat peppers.


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                Gorgonzola stuffed cheese burger. Best burger I ever had --- if you eat cheese.

                Make 2 thin burgers. between them place chives and Gorgonzola cheese. Seal them very well so the stuffing doesn't come out. grill them gently. made a bunch of these when the garden chives were at their peak) The best!

                I bet those sweet potato chips would be a good indulgence (additional I guess if you consider cheese an indulgence, just consider the cheese a K2 supplement)

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