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  • GrokCrock

    I have decided to rename Fall and Winter to Crocktoberfest since I love my slowcooker so much :-)

    Who's got a good Grokcrock recipe for some Primal aromatherapy this weekend?

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    Cooked a whole chicken in the crockpot yesterday (chicken, water, salt, pepper, fennel seeds, cumin seeds). After it was done, I removed the breast meat and some thigh meat, chopped up the bones and covered with water and vinegar. Cooked the bones all night on medium. This morning, I strained out the bones, added a bunch of celery and two lamb hocks. Can't wait to get home and eat them. Bet my house smells awesome right now!


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      Similar to the above, chop an whole onion put it on the bottom of your crockpot, put a whole chicken on top of it. You can rub the chicken with your favorite spices. Should be fall off the bone done in about 5-7 hours.

      Debone, put bones back in pot cover with water the next day you have stock.

      Bone stock from grass fed beef bones is groovy. Bones some apple cider vinegar go in pot with water for 48-72 hours. Out comes cheap awesome nutrition.


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        Pork Vindaloo. Even if I will be at home it just tastes better from the crock pot.
        Beefroast and root veg.
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