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Post surgery freezer meals?

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  • Post surgery freezer meals?

    I am scheduled for surgery in a week and a half and the last thing I want to do for the first week post-op is even THINK about making dinner! My hubby is culinarily impaired and I would really like to eat something edible. Can you share recipes for meals that I can put in the freezer the week before that he can pull out and pop in the oven?

    The KISS principle would be great for the reheat. Although he has mastered the art of pumpkin pie, his skills otherwise are lacking.

    Thank you so much!
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    Soup! I reccomend soup since it's easy on the belly and pretty hard to mess up. I'm afraid I don't have any recipes on me- but really any that you like. Particularly if they include broth/stock. My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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      I think I would cook up some chicken breasts, pork chops or burger patties or meat balls, even some ground meat ... I do this pretty often and put it in freezer bags so I can throw together something quick. Chili would be good too, along with the soups.
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        Stews are good, too - easy to reheat and with a homemade stock it all helps the healing process! I also cook minced/ground meats with different herbs, spices etc, which are good quickly reheated with a dash of coconut milk to moisten them. Soups - soups are wonderfully simple, just freeze in "portions" and defrost as you need.


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          You could prep a primal lasagna (or moussaka per the recipe of the week) and freeze it prior to the bake stage.


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            Pulled pork and shredded beef freeze really, really well. Also meats that are in curry sauce freeze pretty well too.
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