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  • The Amazing Breakfast Thread

    I just had the most amazing breakfast of my life. After browsing here to find things to break my breakfast rut (eggs & pork roll for a week straight), I decided to break out of the "breakfast food" standard just a little bit. I pan fried a burger, broiled some bacon in the toaster oven, and then I cooked 2 eggs in the leftover juices from the burger, making sure to get the burger juices thoroughly mixed with the eggs. The pan was almost dry by the time the eggs were done. Those eggs were easily the best I ever had. So amazingly delicious.

    What are some of the most amazing meals you guys have had? Post up whatever you like. Recipes are welcome, as are pictures of the finished product.

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    The real "breakfast of champions." 2 calories.

    Indeed, eggs are better cooked in leftover meat juices. I haven't had an omelette in a few months. One will be in order next week. Something with mushrooms and peppers I think.
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      Cauliflower hash - cauliflower(fried in butter and coconut oil) 2 egg yolks, pork bratwurst, garlic peppered salmon, mushrooms, spinach, spices and topped with chives.

      very nice.
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        I could totally get into this thread! Starting Leptin Reset in a few days, so I'll be eager to get ideas for good 50g protein breakfasts. Most mornings I have a big bowl of IF. Today was one of those days. Right now I'm enjoying a 1,200 cal BAS!
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          I stick with black coffee most days or I add a touch of coconut milk to it, but on weekends enjoy bacon and eggs fried in the bacon grease. I ran out of bacon a few weeks ago and can't access any from my CSA where I'm at (900 + miles west of Anchorage, AK), but I can't wait to get home next week to my freezer.
          I learned years ago as a busy hard working single mother its easy to automate at least one meal a day and just always have the same thing, breakfast is the easiest meal to automate in my household and my son loves bacon with a passion so I learned to bake bacon in the oven while I shower and he learned to wait till it was done before digging in.


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            This is a favorite of mine, I haven't made it in a while, I may have to remedy that this weekend:

            Slow scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes and onions and capers.
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              sometimes as a treat i make scrambled eggs with whatever nummy vegetables i can fry up, plus melted cheese and pork sausage, all wrapped in prosciutto.

              another yummy breakfast is pork breakfast sausage with mashed avocado, sriracha sauce, and salsa.
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                I'm getting into adding fermented veggies to my breakfasts. Today's was an omelette with sausage and sweet potato, served with homemade sauerkraut. Delicious.

                I also really like keema for breakfast.

                Usually, my "breakfast" is dinner leftovers served around 10-11 am. So, it varies a lot.
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                  My favourite breakfast includes a two-egg omelet with spinach, salt and pepper. I also like to have a whole avocado chopped up with thawed berries (Stahlbush's health berry blend) and full-fat coconut milk poured over top. It's an easy, quick meal to prepare. I usually put the berries in the fridge the night before as I don't believe in microwaving things.

                  Sometimes I use three eggs instead of two, and if I have chicken sausage I'll mix that in with the eggs!
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                    Curry roasted cauliflower with two kofta burger patties.


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                      This was my "break the fast" meal yesterday and it was absolutely amazing. I cooked 4 strips of bacon and then softened my veggies (red pepper, onion, mushrooms) in the bacon grease. I left the veggies in the pan and added 4 med. scrambled eggs and made an omelet. Added back in the broccoli and some goat cheese before folding in half!!!!! On the side some lovely Romanesco broccoli. Isn't it beautiful?

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                        Today's breakfast

                        Today's breakfast was buffalo sausage and pan-fried sweet potatoes. No pics, because it was too delicious to let get cold

                        Breakfast sausage is one thing I love, and it's easy to make and keep leftovers for easy, quick, protein-rich primal breakfasts. Just mix a pound (or more) of your favorite ground meat with some salt and generous heap of italian herbs (basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, etc.) plus garlic and onion powder to taste. Add sage if you like sage sausage. Add 1-2 tbsp warmed or melted lard and mix thoroughly (adds some nice fat and helps leaner meats adhere so patties don't break apart so easily). Form into 1-2 oz patties and cook in lard or oil.

                        Wrap up the leftovers and freeze them. It's a great way to stretch your potentially expensive grass-fed ground meat, and therefore qualifies as amazing.
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                          I just started a morning workout routine today. So I came home and had Mark's primal chicken lemongrass coconut soup (extra spicy!), two eggs with half and half scrambled in bacon grease and dotted with hot sauce, and a kefir smoothie with 1oz frozen blueberries, 1oz frozen mangos and 1oz whey protein. Now heading to the office with my homemade breve iced coffee (coffee with half and half). It's good to be primal!
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                            Originally posted by Vanessa120 View Post
                            Inspired! I was gonna throw some blue cheese down on my burgers, but now I'm totally using it in omelettes instead!
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