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    Mixie: Regarding not reheating broth in the microwave as mentioned in the WAP article; Is that bunk or do you abide by it? I've been using the microwave to reheat my broth and am considering using the stove instead in light of this info.


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      Well, I don't know. I typically use the stove or broiler for just about everything because there are very few situations in which I need something hot and ready to go in my belly in under five minutes or so--and if you're in the habit of using the stove, it doesn't really take any longer than the microwave. I work from home, so I always have access to conventional heating methods, and that makes things easy for me. YMMV if you're dealing with heating lunch at a work place or something.
      This paper: Evidence for the absence of amino acid isomerization in microwave-heated milk and infant formulas - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (ACS Publications) seems to be a rebuttal to the Lubec publication, though I note that they're specifically referring to the affect on amino acids found in milk or formula as a generalization, and did not use gelatin-containing foods. I don't have access to the Lubec paper (or letter?) the WAPF article cites, so I can't compare the science and offer any sort of informed opinion on the conclusions drawn.
      From a lay-person's perspective though, I don't worry too much about toxins from the microwave. I use it as little as possible because it just feels more wholesome (in a philosophical way) to me to do things with as little technology as is practical, because conventional heating doesn't really take any longer, and because I typically prefer the texture and flavor of direct-heated food to steamed.
      My guess is this is probably one of those "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good", things.
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        Thanks for the reply, Mixie.