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  • Jalapig˝os

    He is my simple offering for this august group. Nothing terribly original except for the name. But this is my go-to nugget of goodness.

    I quarter jalape˝os and place a small chunk of meat or cheese in the quarter. When I use cheese, I use sharp cheddar and only a very small quatity so it doesn't break the rules too badly. You can drop in a piece of garlic too, but I usually do not. Then I wrap it in bacon, put a toothpick through it.

    The real key to making these really good is slow cooking over hickory. I can successfully do about two dozen of these on a standard sized weber kettle. I use a medium sized fire and cook indirectly for 1.5 hours. It takes relatively long cooking times for the jalepe˝o flavor to permeate the bacon. Less time means failure. Too much heat means failure. Get it right and you will get all the girls.

    Simple, but insanely good. We put them in the fridge and then take out a couple and nuke them using them as a side dish. A few times I've made breakfast out of them.

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    I use cream cheese. Heaven.


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      Originally posted by Finnabair View Post
      I use cream cheese. Heaven.
      I am not a cream cheese fan...a personal dislike of mine.

      Do you slow cook it over wood too?