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  • Your favorite beet recipe

    Went to the farmer's market and came home with a huge bag of beets. I haven't eaten them since I was a kid (and hated them, preferred to starve) and hubby is giving them the evil eye (apparently he had the same childhood experience) but they were super cheap so I had to get them. Taste buds change with age, right?

    So, what is your favorite beet recipe?
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    I just peel and quarter them and wrap them up in foil with some olive oil, salt and fennel seeds. Stick on a pan, bake at 375 for around an hour. Reaallly good. Even good cold.


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      How to Roast Beets

      I sprinkle with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt before roasting. Sometimes I sprinkle them with olive oil and an herb mix, like herbs de provence. Soooo good. I like them warm and cold. LOVE BEETS!
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        Since going Primal, beets have started tasting like candy. So delicious. I like them steamed and "unadulterated".


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          I also love them roasted, as does my husband. We usually prepare them similarly to the above posters, but I've also smeared goat cheese onto slices of them and they were divine! Loved that combo, personally.


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            Boiled beets with dill and a dollop of sour cream.
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              I'm lazy, so I just peel, quarter, and drop them into the slow cooker, throw a hunk of meat on top, and devour it 6 hours later! The beets slowly cook in the fat of the meat--delicious and easy!
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                Love beets. Absolutely love 'em.

                I don't peel 'em, don't see any reason to. Scrub vigorously to remove any dirt, and remove the beardy root tip. Slip down to 1/4" or slightly thinner, toss with EVOO and a nice sea salt and black pepper. Roast at 400F until they start to crinkle, about 35-45 minutes. I'm sort of a vegetable minimalist, so less is defintely more IMO, and this allows you to really appreciate the beet flavor, sweet and sort of mineral-ly. As another poster noted, you can always top with goat cheese, and bleu cheese works nicely, too.

                Run a beet through a box grater and toss the shavings in a bigassed salad.

                And if you've never made borscht or beet kvass, please try them. I just made my second batch of borscht of the fall season, and don't have the recipe with me at work (WTF is wrong with me, right?), but something like this: melt 4 T. butter, and add 2 diced onions and 2 diced carrots to soften. Add 6 beets, chopped. Add 1 small cabbage, chopped. Add 8 cups beef stock or vegetable stock and simmer for 30 minutes. Adjust seasoning, add some fresh or dried dill, and juice of 1 lemon, and blend to semi-smooth (I like it slightly rustic and chunky). Serve cold or warm, and with a generous dollop of sour cream and more dill. Light yet hearty, sweet yet savory.

                Beet kvass: get a quart-sized mason jar and throw in a roughtly chopped beet. Add about 1/2 teaspoon salt. If you have raw milk and can make whey from it, add a spoonful of whey, otherwise a spoonful of plain yogurt will work as well. Cover with water and place on the counter for a day or two. Then move it into the fridge. After about 3-5 days, it will be slightly fermented. It's a great post-workout tonic, and you can refill the water and allow it to keep brewing a second time. (After that it's used up.) Sounds weird, but Mrs. F. was skeptical and wound up loving it. Think of it as a primal V-8.

                One last thing. Always get beets with the greens attached if you can. Saute in a little butter, S&P, you have another quick and easy side dish.


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                  my favorite beet recipe, hands down, is roasted root vegetables from Everyday Paleo. I swear it's like eating a snickers bar!
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                    Snickers bar Dr. Bork? oh you got me with that one, I'll try anything that is supposed to be a snickers bar.

                    Finnegan, that borscht sounds yummy, and its getting cold here so warm soup/stew would be perfect.

                    Thanks everyone! Keep those recipes coming!
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                      Sliced and roasted, then make a beet-chevre sandwich!


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                        Fry a coarsely chopped onion in lard until going translucent. Add about a tablespoon of bacon lardons and fry until beginning to crisp. Add 2x cubed cooked beet and cook until heated through - add a tablespoon of water if needed to stop bacon and onion burning. When hot, season with pepper (should be enough salt in the bacon) add a tablespoon of chopped dill and two tablespoons of sour cream, stir and serve. Delicious with roast chicken and cooked kale.


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                          Sliced and baked with sliced garlic and olive oil, wrapped in a foil. To die for. If you have leftovers, eat them cold as a salad with feta cheese.

                          You can eat beets raw, too. I grate them with carrots and apples and season with lemon.

                          If you tolerate dairy, another option is here: Scrumpdillyicious: Chlodnik: Chilled Polish Beet Soup


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                            + 100000 on the goat cheese front. I usually just roast them in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic and top it all with feta on the end.


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                              roasted - then cut up (I really like them still warm)

                              toss them with some finely sliced red onion, and toss with balsalmic and EVOO, add in some goat cheese crumbles and walnuts, salt and pepper