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    Most meals are meat + potato + vegies/salad side.
    "Thanks to the combination of meat, calcium-rich leaf foods, and a vigorous life, the early hunter-gatherers were robust, with strong skeletons, jaws, and teeth." - Harold McGee, On Food And Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen


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      Have you considered trying Paleo Plan I used it a lot in the beginning, and still use it on and off when I don't feel like spending too much time planning my week. Never came across anything that I didn't like! They have a 2 week try out menu for free.
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        Great post!!!!
        Originally posted by Sanctus Real View Post
        Tired of seeming to plan the same old, same old for dinner every night (breakfast or lunch don't usually happen for me), I endeavored to create a food database on my computer. It's a list of dinners that are primal-friendly and from which I can easily plan a week's worth of menus and my weekly grocery list. Here's a copy of my list. It's not much, but maybe some of the suggestions will help. Pair every main course I list with various vegetables, and you're good to go.

        Fried Chicken (dip chicken in egg and coat with crushed pork rinds)
        Meatloaf (mix ground beef with crushed pork rinds and eggs)
        Breakfast (eggs and bacon)
        Roast Beef/Pork in crockpot is best, but oven works, too
        Bunless Burgers
        Grilled Chicken
        (plain or with bacon and cheese)
        Pork Chops - normally grilled, but sometimes in organic, wheat-free mushroom soup
        Homemade Italian Sausage
        Roast Chicken
        Plain Wings
        (but feel free to add a primal sauce; I just think the crispy, grilled skin is yummy)
        Chicken Stir Fry
        (crust recipe Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes)
        Crockpot Chicken (Chicken thighs with organic, wheat free chicken soup in the crockpot)
        Shepherd’s Pie (carrots, peas, ground beef, mixed with tomato paste and topped with mashed potatoes - add other veggies if you like, my recipe is boring because of my picky hubby)
        Beef Stew (brown beef, combine w/ carrots, garlic, paprika, rosemary, potatoes, red wine in crockpot)
        Chicken Cordon Bleu (butterfly chicken, roll in egg and crushed pork skins, place ham & bleu cheese in middle, bake)

        I just realized I forgot TACOS! I use a recipe Mark posted for taco seasoning, Primal Tex-Mex Tortillas and Taco Seasoning | Mark's Daily Apple, add it to my ground chevon or beef, put it over lettuce, top with some kind of salsa, and it is the best taco ever. My 7 year old loves them!


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          Breakfast: I usually IF for breakfast. If I don't, I'll have eggs and bacon, or egg and veg scramble with whatever meat I've got, or omelet 'muffins'

          Lunch: Either a salad with random veg, meat, HB eggs, and EVOO or leftover meat & veg from the night before. If I'm home I may have soup.

          Dinner: Meat and veg (chicken thighs with broccoli and carrots, or pulled pork with baked acorn squash, or meatloaf with cauliflower mash, or beef brisket with roasted veg) or things like soup, chili, lasagna (using zucchini instead of noodles), or stir fry.

          I don't snack, don't generally eat nuts, dairy, or fruit, and only drink water and herbal tea. I cook with coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil (rare), or rendered animal fat.


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            Breakfast: Usually 2-3 scrambled eggs (with butter, salt, pepper), possibly low-carb yogurt, and either tea or coffee with 2-4 oz of whole milk or cream. I have tried making omelettes, quiche, fritattas, and just plain mixing in

            Lunch: Usually leftovers from the night before, or a big salad with some kind of meat on it.

            Dinner: I try to rotate between poultry, fish, and beef. I have started a new favourites list in my internet browser (with many folders for different types of items) with all sorts of fun recipes. I also have Mark's primal cookbooks, and many nights I will choose a recipe from the ingredients I have on hand (or something I can pick up quickly at the store).

            When all else fails, go to Gallery - chowstalker, proceed to drool, then close your eyes and point at your screen. Make whatever it is that you landed on.

            My repeat "staples" for dinner:
            Baked chicken breasts with butter or coconut oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and one green spice of some kind (cilantro, rosemary, thyme, etc)
            Thai chicken coconut curry (curry paste of choice, coconut milk, fish sauce, veggies of some kind)
            Thai beef stir fry (chili, garlic, fish sauce, pepper, cilantro, green onion, and whatever random veggie(s) I feel like throwing in that night)
            Beef Indian-style curry (with onion, garlic, tomatoes, coconut milk, lots of spices)
            Homemade burgers/sliders (just the meat, dipped in whatever sauce - usually a tomato-based spaghetti-type sauce)
            Taco meat (homemade) with normal taco dressings, no shell
            Any wild-caught fish, drenched in butter, a bit of lemon juice, salt, garlic, pepper, and one+ green spice of some kind (cilantro, rosemary, thyme, etc)

            Any dish that does not already have veggies in it will get a side of steamed veggies, usually broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (or a combo), or asparagus. Or a salad.