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marinades, salad dressings?

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  • marinades, salad dressings?

    So I've been googling a lot of different marinades for meat and salad dressings. Seems like a lot of stuff I try just doesn't do it for me. Even tried to mimick the chipotle chicken marinade they use at the restaurant and nothing tastes like it. Are there any go to marinades and salad dressings you guys use to keep it interesting? Olive oil and vinegar just gets boring alongside chicken with garlic on top.

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    I use salsa and sour cream or just plain salsa. I also sometimes just mix an avocado and tomatoes and it is juicy enough to be dressing.
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      Switching nationalities. Look up Asian marinades, Middle Eastern marinades, baja marinades.... stuff like that.


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        I make salad for me and my bro every day so I've experimented with a few dressings. It's a bit trickier for me as my brother is lactose-intolerant, so all creamy dressings have to be made using either mayo or coconut milk.

        I've written up the salads + dressings that I've liked, my favorites:
        Lemon/mustard dressing: European Tuna Salad - Pamela Goes Primal
        Pesto dressing: Pesto Vinaigrette Dressing - Pamela Goes Primal
        Creamy Japanese dressing: Japanese Creamy Dressing (With Tuna Salad) - Pamela Goes Primal
        Mexican dressings (oil+creamy): Carnitas Salad - Pamela Goes Primal
        Louie dressing: Shrimp Louie Salad - Pamela Goes Primal

        It does take some experimentation to figure out what does it for you.


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          I have two go-to marinade recipes for chicken. The first is just olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs (basic, but yummy!), and the other is olive oil, wheat-free tamari, garlic and ginger.
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            I don't use dressings per se - I put together whole BAS meals:

            Roasted veggies (eggplant, bell peppers, onions etc) over fresh spinach and drizzled with a mix of olive oil and tahini. A little feta is nice too - if you get into such things.

            Otherwise I do fajita seasonings fried up with beef or chicken, and a few other fajita veggies over lettuce topped with salsa and diced avacado and a handful of chopped cilantro.

            Orange juice, champange vinegar, walnut oil - mixed to taste over mixed greens, fresh fruit and shredded coconut (Good with tuna, shrimp or other seafood!)

            Ceviche lettuce wraps

            I like to use lots of herbs for flavoring too. I often mix them right into the greens. I'm a huge fan of fresh tarragon. Or fresh ginger and lemongrass blended up with a little oil and other seasonings for asian marinades. I am also a big user and abuser of different varieties of curry too.

            Etc etc etc
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