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Kefir Cream?

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  • Kefir Cream?

    Hey all,

    I bought some kefir to make some kefir cream with. Is it as simple as putting the sachet into some thick cream and letting it sit at room temperature for 24 hours? I tried looking this up, and most people talk about making Kefir cream from milk, which I dont have.

    Any feed back or advice appreciated!


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    I made some kefir cream which was delicious - and kept really well for days.

    I don't know how you are SUPPOSED to do it - but I almost filled a jar with thick (double) cream and stirred in a tablespoon of kefir, made using raw organic milk. (The kefir had been made with kefir grains, and had been strained, the grains going back into their jar with more raw milk)

    I covered the jar, left it on the counter for 4 - 5 hours, then moved it to the fridge.

    It came out awesome - very like sour cream / creme fraiche. Wonderful stirred into soups / sauces.


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      I just made some with raw grassfed cream and a few tablespoons of kefir grains, left on the counter overnight, then strained out the grains, chilled it for a while, then whipped it with lots of cinnamon! The most DELICIOUS treat I've had in a while (which might not be saying much because I've been eating only animal proteins for a few weeks now.)
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        Uhm, are you talking quark? I make it all the time, by letting kefir thicken (with kefir grains made from milk, goat nowadays). Then I take grains out, warm the mix on the low heat for about an hour (no boiling) to let whey and curds separate, and then let whey drain out on a paper towel on a colander. I eat it instead of cottage cheese, since I like the flavor more, and I grew up with it.
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