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What to do with bones?

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  • What to do with bones?

    We just got 1/8 of a cow and I am really excited about it. The coe was completely grass fed and the meat looks awesome. In addition to a lot off different meat cuts we got a whole bag of bones. Since I never had bones at home before I was wondering what I can do with them. I've heard about making my own bone broth before but have never done it. Can somebody please tell me how to do that? And is there anything else that I can do with the bones?
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    make some bone broth?

    All of ours go to the dogs.
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      Yes, use the bones for stock. Do a search on here for making stock or stock recipes, or bone stock etc. Masses of stuff - it has been very well covered!


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        Bone broth, for sure. I always keep broth in the freezer. If you have marrow bones, you can also roast and eat the marrow for a special treat. For beef bone broth, you will want to roast your bones first for best flavor. I got my recipe from the MDA site. Don't overdo the vinegar -- I used about 1/2 cup for a large crock pot (it helps pull the minerals out of the bones by acidifying the stock.)

        There is also a lovely cookbook -- Bones by Jennifer McLagan. She also has a book on FAT on a new one just out on Offal. She loves cooking the way our grandmothers did and has wonderful information and recipes.

        If your dogs are lucky, they can have some raw (not cooked) bones, too. Just don't give them one that might get stuck around their jaw -- our vet nearly died laughing when she had to cut the round steak bone off our Eskies lower jaw. Expensive dog treat.
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