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Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner

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  • Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner

    Help! We (Griffin and Mrs. Griffin) are hosting Thanksgiving this year. We have pre-ordered our organic, grass-fed, humanely treated, free-range turkey and will pick it up on Saturday - very early in the morning - from our local Farmer's Market. But then what?!! I have never made a turkey without stuffing (what used to be my favourite part). Now that bread is so out of the question (I like my digestive track too much to eat it anymore), does anyone have any suggestions? I know I can stuff the cavity with onions, lemons, spices, etc., but how? and how much? Can someone who has survived a Primal Thanksgiving, please help?!


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    my mom made a paleo sausage stuffing last year that was amazing. I know there was celery, sausage and other stuff involved... I'll see if I can get a better idea from her and post. It was way better than bread based stuffing.

    eta- I'd try this + sausage

    Google paleo stuffing there are quite a few ideas floating around out there.
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      If you do rice, you can make a rice stuffing if you still want something you can eat after you cook the bird. Rice stuffing is pretty common as an alternative in the celiac community.

      Otherwise, I usually buy fresh herbs, onions, garlic, and lemons, cut them up and stuff them into the bird. How much will depend on the size of your turkey--you want to fill up that space inside, which can really vary. On a chicken, that's usually one lemon and a good sized onion, but a large turkey could take a lot more. I'd go easy on too many lemons in a turkey, though, since the flavour could easily become overpowering. Cut the onions into large chunks (I usually just quarter them), peel some garlic cloves, and cut the lemons in half. Use the herbs whole because they are easier to handle as whole sprigs in this case--you can use the traditional poultry herbs or use things like tarragon (I love tarragon and lemon for chicken).

      Once your turkey is done roasting, you can just dispose of most of the fillings (after you're done carving), but my partner and I like to eat the onions and garlic sometimes because they are so tasty after being cooked inside the bird. Also, if I'm making stock, sometimes I'll just throw most of that stuff in with the carcass to boil, except for the lemons.
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        Stuff I Make My Husband: Low carb stuffing. Seriously.

        Stuff I Make My Husband: A Very Paleo Thanksgiving
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          Found this today - the beef stuffing sounds good!
          Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes | Paleo Diet Lifestyle


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            turkey, mashed cauliflower, and veggie platter are all standard fare at my house each Turkey Day
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              Thanks all! Awesome ideas and now I just have decide which to use for Sunday's turkey.