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Coconut Meat Storage?

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  • Coconut Meat Storage?

    I am considering purchasing a young coconut and looked on youtube how to open them. Should be a fun challenge. It looks like the meat can just be scooped out with a spoon, is this what works best?

    I also looked up the calories and one 2" x 2" piece is roughly 150 calories so I am wondering what to do with the rest of the coconut meat that doesn't get eaten right away. Should I just store it in the fridge in a ziplock and how long will it last?

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    Hey! I don't know how helpful this is, but I just did the same thing (used the water to make coconut kefir) and then had all the coconut meat left over. I put it in a small mason jar, covered the mea with filtered water, and stirred in 4 Tbs. whey made from yogurt. Then I let it sit out on the counter for 7 hours, then put in the fridge. So, I lacto-fermented my coconut meat in the hopes it will last longer in the fridge. I can keep you updated about it, but so far, so good! I swear it tastes creamy and even better now. I didn't follow a recipe, but I took the whey and fermented time from the mayonnaise recipe in Nourishing Traditions.


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      After 4 days in the fridge, the young, soft meat can get funky (the mature, firm meat lasts a really long time). Here, I'm speaking of the young ones: Mine never make it that far, because I use the meat just to eat as a snack (kitchen drive-by!), make fresh coconut milk (3:1 ratio, 3 meats to 1 fresh water, for thick milk or 2:1 for thinner), or put them in smoothies. Awesome in smoothies! I have never frozen the meat; I'm not sure how that would go. I was also experimenting this summer with making a raw porridge of sorts for breakfast with fruit, raw cacao nibs, and nuts, but since autumn's coming on and it's chilly, I'm off that kick for now. I'll try again next summer.

      P.S. The young Thai coconuts are so easy to get into, once you know the technique. I can now get into them in less than 30 seconds. That (young) water is the nectar of the Gods (which is what I've been known to shout in my kitchen as I take my first sip). Note: if the flesh is a pinkish color, it's bad. Do not eat or drink that water. It should be as white as a sheet of paper.
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        I freeze mine all the time. It keeps for quite a while.
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          I think I'm going to try and freeze it. Sounds like it could even be thrown into a smoothie from the freezer maybe. Thanks for the warning about the pinkiness, I will watch out for that. If all goes well, I may get into more fermenting type things. The porridge sounds like a great idea, goodluck with it!