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    so back when i was a vegetarian....i made lots of lentil soup and well, i miss really hearty soups. anyone have any recommendations? good recipes? something hearty and yummy? i think i must be dreaming that it might get cool here in Phoenix at some point...ha!
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    I made this recently and it was very good: Oxtail Stew Recipe | Simply Recipes


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      Fast Paleo Soups & Stews - Paleo Recipe Sharing Site

      that oxtail stew sounds great; so does the Hawaiian version linked below that
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        I didn't even see the Hawaiin version. Thanks! Also, I really like that blog. Not all of the recipes are Primal, but they mostly use real, fresh ingredients and could be easily adapted to be Primal-friendly if they aren't already.

        I like the site you linked to also. I've never been there before, but I'll be checking it out for sure.