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Err - how do I know when the roast is done?

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  • Err - how do I know when the roast is done?

    Quick question - I've got my first roast ever in the crockpot right now (!). I've been reading that some newer crockpots get hotter on "low", so the roast may actually cook a bit quicker than the suggested 8 hours...

    Any advice on how I know when it's done? Should I check it at, say 6 hours? And if so, how does one check a roast in a crockpot? I do have a new meat thermometer... I guess that might be the way to go? I'm assuming I should try to be patient and not open the crockpot up too many times before it's actually done?

    (I've never made roast at all before, and never used the crockpot before - it's brand new! So it's a double "first" for me! ;-) )

    Many thanks!!!

    PS: Here's the recipe I'm making, it's cabbage roast from everydaypaleo.

    PSS: I have to add, I had my first steak (in 20+ years) last week. You were all right. It was suprisingly much better than I expected, and not at all hard to cook!

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    A roast is done when the meat is tender and cuts easily or begins to fall apart, imo. How much meat is in the crockpot? I highly doubt you'd overdo it at 8 hours on low, even if it is newer.


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      I agree. As long as there is enough liquid, cooking it longer rarely ever hurts. Scrape at it with a fork, if it just falls apart, it's done. You probably don't want to open it too much, but taking a look (and even a taste) every few hours won't really hurt.


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        Thanks guys, it sounds easier than I expected. So - just poke it a bit and see if it's at the "falling apart stage"? I can do that!

        re: Size - it seems HUGE to me, but I don't have much to compare it to. It's "chuck" roast, and I bought the smallest one that they had at the store. It fits in the crockpot, so I assume it's not abnormally large

        Thank you!


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          Something I didn't realize when making a roast is that before the connective tissue starts breakinh done it will actually keep getting tougher. So if you check it after a couple hours and it is super tough just keep waiting


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            Originally posted by jendoe View Post
            And if so, how does one check a roast in a crockpot? I do have a new meat thermometer...
            The same way you check all meat, by temp. You have the tool you need as well.
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              I've never understood the obsessive need to check for meat doneness with a thermometer. Then again, my dad is a chef, so maybe I'm just used to judging based on time/feel/look rather than temp? I dunno.

              How did the roast turn out, by the way? I was going to pick up a chuck roast at Whole Foods the other day, but it was $7.49/lb.... bit pricey for me when it's chuck roast. So we got spare ribs instead.