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Ground Beef with Offal - anybody got a recipe?

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  • Ground Beef with Offal - anybody got a recipe?

    Hi all,
    Finally made the jump and bought a meat grinder ( Heart? Tongue? easy.... commercial ground beef, now that's disgusting) and I'm looking for a hamburger blend that incorporates offal. Apparently USDA law has changed a lot since the days of Adele Davis - I can't buy lungs to incorporate anymore. Anybody have proportions they recommend?

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    The grass fed beef guy at the farmers market sells a blend they call Boost: 80/20 ground beef/liver. Love it. Makes the burger moist, and my wife can't taste the liver. I have also done 67/33 with ground bison/ground bison heart. Kids loved it, too sanguine for the wife. I have experimented up to 60/40, with 60% ground beef and 40% ground mixed heart/kidney/liver. I thought it was tasty, but the wife and kids not so much: too strong an offal taste. I say start with a 90/10 ratio, and work your way from there.


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      There is a rancher near me that sells "Ground Beef Plus" = 70% muscle meat, 20% heart, 10% liver. It's pretty good.