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What to do with leftover roast??

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  • What to do with leftover roast??

    I have about half of a left over roast that I was thinking of shredding to make something akin to enchiladas egg crepes as tortillas)...any suggestions for the sauce??

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    Garlic, dried chiles or chile powder if you don't want to go to the trouble of roasting and soaking the dried, black pepper, a little cumin, salt, and chicken stock or broth. Sugar is traditional but for obvious reasons we can skip that. (I don't know well a little bit of honey would go as a sweetener.) For extra love, instead of just mincing the garlic straight away, roast them in your pan as whole cloves until they're blackened outside and soft inside, then mash them up with your spices.



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      Now this is a topic I have some experience with! I am known to my kids as the "man who can make tacos out of anything"

      Some of my favorites:

      Tomatilla salsa:

      Chipotle salsa:

      not the best with beef, but insane with chicken:

      Mole Poblano:

      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        (The amounts given are per-pound of roast)

        2 cups pureed tomatoes

        1 tbsp ground cumin

        1 tsp minced garlic

        1 tsp olive oil (you can use coconut oil, butter, or even lard)

        1/2 small onion, diced fine

        Finely chopped Jalepeno to taste (roughly 1/4 pepper per pound is what I use)

        Salt & Pepper to taste (I don't use much of either)

        Saute onions in olive oil until translucent. Add garlic and stir for 1 minute. Immediately add tomatoes, peppers, cumin, salt, & pepper and simmer over low heat until meat is ready.

        Meat Spices

        (Again, this is per pound)

        1 tsp Ground Cumin (you can substitute chile powder, which is usually mostly cumin in any case)

        1 tsp Minced Garlic

        Juice from half a lime (or 1 tbs)

        Flake Dry Hot Pepper to taste

        Shred your meat and dump into large bowl. Douse with lime juice and add cumin, garlic, and hot pepper flakes. Mix thoroughly with hands and place meat in caserole pan. Heat @ 350 for about 20 minutes.

        While meat is cooking and sauce is simmering, make your egg crepes (or re-heat them if you pre-made them).


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          Chop it up and make chili. This is commonly done with leftover (if there is such a thing) brisket.


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            MMMMMM . . . Chili . . . I have a pot slow simmering on the stove right now.


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              Ooh ooh ooh --- Ropa Vieja


              very yummy

              It's grandma, but you can call me sir.