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  • Bacon Explosion

    This has probably been posted already...

    But I plan on preparing one of these after church on Sunday. Be still my heart.

    Anyone know of a good store bought BBQ seasoning? I'm not really interested in creating my own.
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    I made a tiny bacon explosion with a chicken breast a few weeks ago. Just put some banana peppers in there with some paprika, cayenne, and garlic salt. It was heavenly.

    As for seasoning: just go to the store and look for a label only has spices/herbs. Avoid the stuff you can't pronounce.


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      Looks good but w/ Italian sausage and a decent smoked bacon I would not use BBQ seasonings at all.
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        it all looked good until "sauce". do you really think it will need sauce?


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          I made this Pork Explosion once, and it was a hit! Pork Explosion | PRIMALOCITY


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            I made the pork-stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken breasts once. They were freakin' amazing.

            Double-Pork Stuffed Chicken Breasts | Mark's Daily Apple

            Yeah, I need to make those again.
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