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Primal "bread" (a dirty word, yes?)

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    I've made this twice. Not bad if you eat flax. I add a bit of pumpkin and sunflower seeds to the batter. I also add things like fennel seeds, poppy seeds, and other fragrant seeds to the top of the loaf in addition to the sesame seeds the recipe calls for. I also add garlic powder to the batter.

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      I'll go ahead and share my recipe. It's posted here:

      I explain it in the article, but I'll say it again here: it really isn't technically paleo because I use peanut butter, but the recipe it's based off of called for almond butter, so obviously you can substitute that.

      But I like the fact that it only has a few ingredients and doesn't involve any kind of flours that are expensive or hard to find.
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