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My Best Cake so far:)

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  • My Best Cake so far:)

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    Umm, recipe please? :-)


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      Oh noes! That just looks too yummy -__-


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        I hope the recipe doesnt get posted, for the fact that Ill make 10 of them, eat them in 1 go and try not to feel guilty because Ill say to myself, at least theyre primal :P

        Come on now people, you know youll do it too
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          Ya can't dangle that carrot without a recipe:-)
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            "How fun is this?" LOL It would be much more fun if we knew how to make it! :P


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              Hi ladycarnivore,
              Looks great and yummy. As it is sugar free, can I make this for my diabetic mom?
              If yes then please do share the recipe.


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                Need this recipe!


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                  Yes, recipe please!


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                    YUM YUM YUM!!! Must try.

                    I just found this recipe and realized it is primal...Flourless Chocolate Cake

                    8 large eggs, cold
                    1 pound bittersweet chocolate (enjoy life chocolate chips, maybe?)
                    1/2 lb butter, (recipe calls for unsalted, but I like it with salted)
                    1/4 C strong coffee or coffee liqueur (optional)

                    Preheat to 325

                    line 8" springform with parchment grease sides and set in an aluminum foil "bed" (incase it leaks)

                    beat eggs until volume doubles to about 1 quart-about 5 minutes

                    meantime melt chocolate, butter and coffee if using in a large bowl

                    fold in 1/3 of egg foam till only a few streaks are visible, fold in another 1/3 and then the last and continue to fold in until no streaks are left.

                    place in prepared pan. and place that on a roasting pan in the oven and put water in the roasting pan (a bain marie-I think)

                    cook for 20 to 25 minutes, till the temp of the cake is 140. cover and refrigerate overnight or up to 4 days to allow to mellow.

                    About 30 minutes prior to serving invert cake onto a sheet of waxed paper and peel off the parchment then flp it right side up onto the serving platter.

                    Dust very lightly with cocoa powder.
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                      ummmmmm!please tell me the recipie.


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                        Oooh! I'll have what she's having!

                        I want to try this with macadamia nuts, which have a better Omega 3/6 profile than pecans. Nom! Add pineapple and get a taste of Hawaii, maybe a sprinking of rum?

                        Are coconut crystals better/ worse than cane crystals aka sugar? Or honey?
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                          I had the flourless cake for my birthday- intensely chocolate and incredible.
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                            Till the date one of my favorite cake is "Deliciae Patissarie" carrot cake. My mum had ordered it on my birthday and for the first time I loved carrot cake. I would like to share the pic of my cakeCarrot CAke.jpg