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  • 100% US RDA Needed

    Hi all,

    I am new hear, and found this site googling something along the lines of "Recipes with complete nutrition."

    As the subject states, I am looking for recipes that offer 100% of the US RDA. The recipe can contain ingredients for 3 meals, so that by the end of the day, I have 100% nutrition.

    I am looking for recipes that give me all I need without supplements or organs.

    Other than this, I eat just about anything, though I currently eat only 4 ounces of meat per day.

    I have been using the Nutrition Data "Nutrient Balance" chart and food/nutrient search database, but finding a recipe that totals 100% is nearly impossible. The only one I have found is their example which I can't even accurately duplicate.

    I am aware that I don't really need to eat recipes that = 100% according to them, and I know theirs is based on a 1000 calorie diet. I am simply on a mission, and this is only one part. I am trying to come up with what I consider a perfect diet, and 100% nutrition is one component.

    If anyone can offer a recipe that provides 100% nutrition for a day, I would really appreciate it.