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    Originally posted by Kaytee View Post
    I have never baked steak, but it sounds like a great idea. Was your steak rare, medium, or done after the thirty minutes?
    I was soo tired, I baked it because I was lazy. Actually turned out SO TENDER!! It was medium when done.

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      steak kebabs
      om nom nom

      carl's cave


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        My favorite is to either grill the steaks on a charcoal grill or cook them stove top in a cast iron skillet. No salt, fresh-ground black pepper to taste, and cook to rare. Top with onions & mushrooms caramelized in butter, ghee, or olive oil & that's it.
        Another favorite is cook the steak the same, then cover it with homemade au jus. I eat a lot of prime rib & make my own au jus from the drippings. I freeze the leftover gravy & usually have some with my "regular" steaks.

        One tip on homemade au jus... after carving the meat pour the blood from the carving plate back into the au jus- it really sets off the flavor.
        NOTE: If there's no blood on the carving plate you have destroyed the meat. Give it to the dog, stay away from the meat counter, and make an appointment with a mental health care provider as soon as possible.


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          Originally posted by carlh View Post
          steak kebabs
          om nom nom

          Those just look awesome!


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            Originally posted by j3nn View Post
            If you eat dairy, blue cheese crumbles are amazing on steak. Avocado and diced tomato or salsa is also quite tasty. You can slice the steak and eat them as tacos or fajitas in lettuce cups, add your favorite tacos toppings.
            I know I'm a bit late to the party, but whipping some butter and blue cheese together in a food processor makes an awesome steak topping. It softens the blue cheese up a bit and the whole thing is more melty.


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              This is an odd one I heard on NPR a few weeks back:

              Season the steak and place is on a rack (uncovered!) in the fridge for a few days (I did 3 days). This dries the outside and makes a much nicer crust. I flipped it every day.

              The steak will start to change color, but once its cooked it will look like a normal steak.


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                Caramelized onions + roasted garlic + a small squeeze of lemon on a black&blue steak is my idea of perfection.
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