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Apple sauce food mill?

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  • Apple sauce food mill?

    Lots of apples on our one lonely tree and they are best for apple sauce. S it is time to get coring and cooking. Does anyone have opinions on brand of food mill to make the apple sauce experience that much better.

    One Delta Ten Tango

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    I've never made applesauce before, but I did see a demo on Sid The Science Kid (lol). Can't you just peel & core the apples, chop them up, then boil them down?
    If not... think about investing in a ninja. Pretty sure it can make apple mush in about 5 seconds.
    --Trish (Bork)


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      I have a vitamix, and it turns entire apples into applesauce in a few seconds flat. You can also turn everything including the seeds into juice with other fruits and vegetables to get all the nutrition out of it, and make ice cream using a 3 to 1 frozen stuff to liquid stuff ratio. Downside is it costs some cash, but will last forever. Can even cook soup in it when you run it on high, will get hot enough that steam comes out of the top.


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        I have made applesauce most of my life and have never used a food mill to do it.
        I just peel and core the apples, make the recipe and it seems to boil down on it's own.
        If I need to, with firmer cooking apples, I will run my blender wand around the pan when it is done cooking.
        You could also strain it through a food strainer I suppose. But I've never had to do that.
        Hope that Helps!
        NY Nan


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          Thanks, folks. Appreciate the advice. The challenge is that these are Alaska apples and are pretty small, so peeling isnt really a feasible option. My three year old won't eat it with the skins mixed in, so I am hoping to find a strainer that can help separate the skins. I might try to puree with skins and see if we can sneak it into the little imp.