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Lexxy's Shrimp Creole Bowl

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  • Lexxy's Shrimp Creole Bowl

    Lexxy’s Shrimp Creole Bowl

    I wanted to recreate a shrimp creole dish I had a a restaurant some time ago. So I looked inside my cabinets, fridge, and pantry:

    These are the ingredients I grabbed:

    Frozen medium Shrimp ( thaw and de-tail)

    Tomato Paste ( 1 can)

    Garlic Powder

    Cayenne Pepper

    Dried Cilantro

    Dried Oregano

    Head of Cauliflower

    2 TBSP of Olive Oil

    1/3 of Sweet Onion

    Fresh Cilantro Leaves

    Equipment needed:

    Food Processor

    1 pot, 1 sm or med sized pan, 1 large pan w/ lid


    small glass bowl ( 6 in round)

    I use a whole bag of shrimp (or about 1 to 2 pounds depending how much you want to make)

    I thaw the shrimp first- as the shrimp is thawing take the cauliflower remove “stem” and leaves. Wash thoroughly and place into food processor to “grind” up the cauliflower. set aside-

    Next take the tomato paste and place in pot- add about two can fulls of water and stir.

    In small glass bowl combine spices- I leave the amount up to you- it all depends on how spicy you want the dish-

    Place thawed shrimp in pan on medium heat- sprinkle with spices- place onion in pan with shrimp as well cook until shrimp are pink

    Place the rest of the spice mix into the tomato sauce and stir

    Put cauliflower in large pan with olive oil and cook until warm.

    Place cauliflower in bowl, then sauce, top with shrimp and fresh cilantro.

    Serve and enjoy!

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