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Vegetable heavy recipes, please?

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  • Vegetable heavy recipes, please?

    With the upcoming challenge I'm going to try a 100% for the next 30 days! I'm a pretty good cook but I have one problem. Nearly all my awesome recipes are very meat heavy (spareribs, meatballs, bolognese sauce, boeuf bourguignon and the likes). I should add in some more vegetables, because I don't like that many of them just cooked, fried or grilled (white mushrooms, broccoli or green beans every day gets boring).

    I love me some stews or curries. Stuff where flavors get mixed into a brew of awesomeness instead of tasting just zuchini :P. So I'm looking for vegetable heavy recipes like these. I have plenty of time and skill to cook (not a lot of money though). Any awesome recipes out there to share?

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    I made a variation of this recipe for oxtail stew:
    Oxtail Stew Recipe | Simply Recipes

    I added a rutabaga to the roasted carrots, parsnips, and turnips so there were even more root veggies. It was awesome. Ratatouille is also a nice veggie-heavy dish that it always delicious.


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      A stir fry is pretty basic. And so is a tray of roasted root vegetables.
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        I have recently discovered that if you cook your veges in bone broth until it evaporates they become incredibly tasty. You can do whatever combination you like eg mushrooms and leeks, or carrots and broccoli. The combinations are endless.
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          Since I mostly feed one human, I keep my staple frozen veggies on hand. Cauliflower, brussel sprouts, greens, peppers, and maybe something that took my fancy in the frozen food aisle. Onions are always on hand. And either fresh or canned tomatoes are always on hand. If I need a potato, the corner store has them.

          I find that with these few (plus others that I try just because I like trying new things), I can easily throw together either a stir-fry, a stir-fry with curry, something mashed (cauliflower and spinach mash is good), or even veggies in scrambled eggs. Veggies cooked in tomato sauce and then finished by poaching two eggs in the sauce is easy.

          I rarely cook with specific recipes and mostly just go with meat + veggies + something to make it interesting, though I do look at recipes to get ideas.
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            try frittata. You can add a ton of veggies to it, easily. Also ground beef is super easy to add veggies to and make a meal out of. Chicken stir fry comes to mind as well.
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              Shredded brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon grease
              Roasted root veggies
              Boil cauliflower in stock and mash with lots of butter
              Squash latkes


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                Right now I'm making a winter soup...coconut oil, butter, onion, potato, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, my own turkey broth. Salt, pepper, seasonings to taste. I'll probably partially puree it with an immersion blender. Thinned with cream if necessary.

                No meat tonight. I ate 2 elk t-bone steaks for lunch
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                  Stuffed peppers!

                  Typically a meat dish, but you can stuff it with whatever you fancy. Mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, celery, etc. and spice it up based on your food mood. I put my peppers in a crock pot on high for 4 hours, but you can bake them as well.


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                    Made sloppy joes tonight with onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, celery, and carrots
                    here's the recipe:
                    The Primal Junk Foodie: PJF Sloppy Joe Schmoes

                    you can use portabello mushroom caps as buns to up the ante and serve with shredded lettuce.
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                      The Ultimate Ratatouille Recipe : Tyler Florence : Recipes : Food Network
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