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What to do with a lamb breast?

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  • What to do with a lamb breast?

    Any ideas? How to cook? How to season?

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    I got some a few months ago and after opening the package, found that it was similar to ribs (I was expecting something more like chicken breast) and very fatty. I coated mine with some spices (cumin, black pepper, oregano?) and put them on the smoker. They were pretty freakin' delicious and rendered a ton (like two cups) of fat (I cooked them in an aluminum tray so I could save it).


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      This is delicious, but you need to replace the bread crumbs with a mix of almond flour, crushed pork crackling, or something of that sort.

      Mustard-crusted breast of lamb recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

      and this is good, though easier if made the day before so you can remove the layer of solidified fat easily

      Daube of breast of lamb: Recipes: Good Food Channel