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I'm having a True Blood Party!! Any good Jambalaya recipes?

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    You can buy them at hbo's store, i think there is a separate website for just true blood, and i think some hot topics carry them. They aren't too bad, just kinda sugary. the taste is ok
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      Originally posted by Orannhawk View Post
      Pretty high in sugars ... but the bottle's cool !
      They sell it at our comic book store...I was pretty horrified in the ingredients, but I'd love an empty bottle! I'm sure it tastes like the Dracola (imported from Wallachia. Forreals) that we got one Halloween.
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        You do know that many traditional cultures eat blood on a regular basis? Check with an asian market butcher and see if you can get some duck blood or pig blood. You should be able to find recipes for making a kind of pudding out of it.

        I've had it before, and it's not particularly tasty but it's not in anyway gross either. Looks like chocolate jello, tastes like whatever spices you put in it. You'd quickly figure out who among your guests was hard core and who was just a wanker.


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          I have nothing to add other than I WANNA COME!!

          So jealous.