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Primal stuffing recipes anyone??

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  • Primal stuffing recipes anyone??

    With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I was wondering if anyone has a primal stuffing recipe I could try. Wanted to test it out before to see if it might be something my family would eat. Usually our stuffing has lots of meat(Bacon, sausage) and onions, celery and garlic, but want to substitute the actual stuffing mix with something grain-free.

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    I was wondering the same thing the other day..I have always made a cornbread based stuffing. I don't think my family will be happy with anything else especially my husband. I discovered I have celiac's disease a few months ago and now have developed an intolerance for all grains.. I thought about making coconut flour bread and using that as the base instead of cornbread because it has similar texture..with the sausage, onions, broth , celery and spices I doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference.. However not real sure I want a huge pan of this stuff in the fridge as temptation lol.. So what I may end up doing is making the traditional stuffing for the family and sausage and apple stuffing made with mushrooms instead of the grain for me and my sil who is also paleo now too.


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      that sounds awesome, gonna try it this week


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        Haven't tried this recipe before but have been meaning to for a while!

        Stuff I Make My Husband: Low carb stuffing. Seriously.


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          I used mushrooms and garlic last time I did this. I imagine that cauliflower would work well with that too.