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Instant chocolate-banana ice cream/pudding

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  • Instant chocolate-banana ice cream/pudding

    I just concocted this and it tastes amazing - I seem to say that for all my recipes, but this one was truly super-yummy!


    1/3 - 1/2 frozen banana

    1 block of 100% chocolate - I used Dagoba and the block size is big, you can use more or less depending on the brand you use and how chocolate-ey you want

    2 -3 T cream

    Nuke the cream and chocolate in the microwave* for 15 seconds, just enough to heat the cream. Remove and whisk with a spoon till chocolate melts to form a thickish ganache. Grate** the frozen banana into this ganache till it resembles the consistency of ice-cream or pudding. Enjoy this instantly-gratifying dessert w/o guilt.

    * This can be done over a double-boiler too.

    ** If you're making a bigger quantity, you can blend it in a blender

    Approximate macronutrient information:

    Fat - 24g (43% SFA - 2% PUFA - 21%MUFA)

    Carb - 25.4g (6.3g dietary fiber)

    Protein - 6.6g

    Total calories: 295g

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      i just made a yummy chocolate protein milkshake that tastes like a dessert! this banana ice cream looks yummy maba!

      -1/4 avocado

      -1tbsp raw cocoa

      -stevia to sweeten

      -1 scoop whey protein

      -1c coconut milk

      blend until creamy and delish!


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        Misathemeb, I'll have to try the above recipe w/ avocado and stevia, will make for a creamier pudding.


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          Ooh that does sound delicious I'll have to try it with coconut milk after the holidays! I'll probably use my food processor though...because I love to use it for anything I can mostly! The avocado would probably be a great addition to the banana ice cream too, especially if I don't use any cream. It's a good thing I'm not hungry at all right now! And that I have no bananas :P

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          and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan