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My First Bone Broth - YUM!

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  • My First Bone Broth - YUM!

    I am so excited about this broth I wanted to share. Over the past few weeks I have bought deli precooked bone-in chicken thighs and breasts with the skin on from our local food co-op. They have a variety of seasonings from garlic to paprika to cumin throughout the week.

    I'm not great with cleaning off all of the meat during dinners but I just go ahead and throw all the scraps into a to-go box in the freezer as I go along. When the box was full, I dumped it into my crockpot with water and apple cider vinegar for 10 hours and the result with all of the blend of seasonings turned out delicious!

    I want to learn how to make the beef bone broth but I'm not sure where I can buy the bone for that yet or how many to use or what to season it with.

    This was so easy!

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    I just bought some beef bones at my farmer's market. Maybe check one near you?
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      Most markets and butchers would sell the bones very very cheap. Just ask.


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        Awesome, thanks!


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          I just tossed some beef bones in the slow cooker to start up some broth myself The mornings are getting colder, so it puts me in the mood for something warm to drink in the morning. I need to get better about keeping bones from cooking, these are bagged bones from the butcher that come when I buy beef quarters.
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