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Help!! What to eat? Fed up with salad!

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  • Help!! What to eat? Fed up with salad!

    Hi, been doing the primal thing for a while now and I'm feeling great but I'm constantly hungry.

    I also feel I eat the same things over and over again and it's getting kind of boring.

    Eggs and bacon for breakfast. That's fine.

    Eggs for lunch with big salad and meat/fish/bird. Also fine.

    Dinner: pretty much the same as lunch...lots of vegetables. But here I'd like some variation.

    I'm looking for some new ideas, some variation from just eating vegetables "from the branch". The way you cook them, mix them together....what ever. Feel i might be slipping back to pasta, potatoes and rise soon because i need something that fills my stomach.

    I pretty much constantly hyper active, hence constantly hungry! =)

    Any cooking tips and tricks would be much appreciated.


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    Dice a few bacon strips and cook them. Saute asparagus spears or broccoli florets in the grease until al dente. Toss with the bacon bits and a little dijon and white wine vinegar.

    Saute julienned onions and sliced mushrooms in butter. Serve over meat.

    Roast brussels sprouts, mushrooms, onion, cauliflower, etc, coated with olive oil and herbs or a bit of balsamic vinegar.

    Make soup with lots of veggies in it.

    Make mashed cauliflower (just like you'd make mashed potatoes). It's great with roasted garlic blended in.

    And, of course, serve with plenty of meat!

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      If salads don't fill you up that much, how about going for just meat? Steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, stews, pot name it.

      You can also go on and search grain-free cooking. They have some nice cooking books that have tons og great recipes in them.


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        Mark has a lot of exciting and yummy recipes. You could give them try to add some variety:


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          I second CC on the meat. If you are still hungry you might need to increase your protein/fat consumption. As it was mentioned in other threads, protein accounts to short-term satiety and fat as a good long-term hunger quencher.

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            No fruit?

            No almonds?

            Seasoning is important...


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              There's a guy here who only eats meat and eggs and nothing else, but he isn't sick of it yet He's been doing it for a year now and not because he's trying to eliminate all possible carbs but because he can't cook

              My point is, even if you can't cook, meat option is still more exciting to me than a salad one. But that's just me.


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                -Chicken. pork, or beef fried rice with cauliflower "rice"

                -Pizza with cauliflower crust

                -cottage pie with cauliflower topping (instead of potato)

                -ribeye with sauteed green beans

                I never eat salad!

                Lots of recipes on this site for those things I listed.


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                  Try looking for some recipes that use vegetables in recipes with herbs. Here is one that tosses the veg in olive oil and sprinkles with herbs, then roast them.


                  Once you get the hang of this, you can see how to make different combinations of vegetables and herbs and they all taste great.

                  Another way I've done it is to chop the herbs and stir that into the oil, then use that to toss the vegetables for roasting.


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                    Buy a few pounds of a fatty meat like grass fed beef ribs. Put them in a crock pot with some coconut oil and cook on low for about 6 hours. You'll have a fantastic meal and a couple more as leftovers. Make sure you eat the juice leftover in the bottom of the crockpot too, that's the best part! Prep takes about as long as it takes to open the packages of beef, that's my favorite part.


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                      Do all your old favorites, just without the bread, pasta, etc.! Pile up veggies, meat, some healthy pizza sauce, a little cheese if you do dairy - crustless pizza. Make your favorite sandwich on top of a big salad instead of bread. Make guacamole and have it with a big omelet or fajita meat and veggies. Put stew meat with bone in a crockpot with a cup of red wine, a few tablespoons of butter, a pinch of thyme, a bunch of mushrooms and onions - cook on low and enjoy 6-8 hours later. (It's even better if you marinate the meat in the wine overnight first.)


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                        Thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm!

                        I'm quite new to this and really grateful for you help!


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                          One more idea... Go to your local farmer's market, and find lots of new seasonal veggies to try. Come back home and search recipes here for ways to prepare them!


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                            Green beans sauteed in bacon fat. Dump frozen green beans (whole or french-cut style) in skillet with plenty of bacon fat and a tablesppon or two of water. Cook with lid on at first. Season with salt and garlic powder. Remove lid and cook off extra water. I cook for about 20 minutes cos I love the green beans soft and melded with the bacon fat!!


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                              As you wish ;-)
                              This turns out very rich, almost creamy. Totally unlike a salad...