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My presentation and do you have some ideas for "student food" ?

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  • My presentation and do you have some ideas for "student food" ?


    I'll start with a brief self presentation : My name is Thibaud, I live in Chambery, France ; that's a city in the Alps but wait : I don't go to school y skiing, it's just a city at 1 hour by road from the big ski resorts (Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens...)

    I'm 19 and as the most a teenagers I didn't eat so well (McDonald's, easy food, french fries ...) but since I worked at McDonald as a summer jobs ( I just stood 3 days, it's was way to much discusting) I started to eat more good food and stopped to eat all those craps we find in all supermarkets.

    And last week I discovered mark's daily apple website and I've seen lots of things looking very attractive.

    Here it is for presentation but I have a little something to ask you.

    What are the simple recipes for making food for student like me who don't want to eat the crappy food of the "Restaurant" at the university.

    I have to made my fod and bring it to school and eat there but there is no microwave or anything to reheat my food.

    Do you have some recipies of cold food ?

    Thanks a lot for those who have read me a bigger thank you for you who will help me.


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    Bien Venue a MDA Thibaud!

    Boiled eggs, chicken salad, tuna salad, roasted chicken, fruit and cheese (if you eat dairy), lots of options if you get creative. My personal favorite: Mark's Big Ass Salad - check out the video for the recipe on the home page.

    There's a thread here on food for college students, can't seem to find it now. Will post it if I can find it.


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      What a bout a good stainless steel thermos to keep your food warm?


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        Thanks for answers.

        Another little question, on there is the composants of each thing I eat but the mesure of referecne is what (1KG, 1 pound... ? ) because I would like to know what i eat but I don't know to what weigh the data are for.

        If you could help...



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          Thibaud tu peux mesurer en grammes, 30gr (bon 28 pour être exacte = 1 oz, mais je pèse plus ou moins tout en grammes. Pour information 1kg = 2.2lbs.


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            merci Jedi.

            Il y a beaucoup de français ici ?

            Le primal blueprint est disponible dans les librairies française ou bien il faut se le procurer par internet ?



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              I do not know how easy this would be to find in France but do you guys have summer sausage or something similar?


              What I usually take to class with me on the days that I have labs (and thus, am on campus all day) is some slices of summer sausage and/or a little bag of mixed nuts.

              Beef jerky is good too, but I don't buy it at the store since store-bought beef jerky usually has a lot of additives, so I don't have it very often (I get my mom to make it and send it to me).

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                If you're looking for a good stainless steel thermos, take a look at the Thermos E5 line. Made for high-altitude extreme weather trips.

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                  non pas bcp de français de tout ici et malheureusement faut acheter le livre, mais à mon avis ça vaut la peine, même si je ne suis pas 100% d'accord avec les conclusions de Mark tu peux lire bcp aussi dans les archives du site et j'apprends pleine de choses ici sur les forums


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                    Thibaud, eggs are your best friends. Cheap, easy and quick to make, they last a long time in the fridge and are very nutritious.

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                      Thanks to you folks, i'm listing some recipies easy to do.

                      I'm actually on holidays so I'll do a lot of physical activity but the cold is starting to be very present so it will be a bit hard for the beginning.

                      Jedi -> Je vais bien lire le livre et peut être m'acheter le livre d'ici peut de temps en complément.