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Baby bok choy in my farm box! Steak and bok choy.

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  • Baby bok choy in my farm box! Steak and bok choy.

    Really great box of organic produce arrive at my door this week. Here is one of the meals I made.

    Bok choy
    Red and greeen pepper
    crimini mushrooms
    Organic grass fed sirloin tip
    Chili oil
    coconut oil
    coconut butter

    In a small bowl add ginger, tamari, lime and chili oil. Set aside.
    Saute onions and bok choy stems (they cook faster than the leaves) in tons of CO. remove and place aside

    Separately in a cast iron fry steak to char outside, again in CO. Remove and rest ( the steak not you).
    Saute the peppers and mushrooms then add in the sauteed bok choy stems and onions and beef ontop. Then pour the sauce from in the small bowl. Give a little stir then put the bok choy leaves in and stir. Once the bok choy is glossy you are ready to serve!

    side note- I like to throw a bit of coconut butter in each dish. mmmmm.

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      I realize this is about a year old, but I made this tonight from yesterday's leftover top roast and some bok choy I had wilting in the fridge, and it was really good. There are no measurements though with the OP, so I'm going to share how I made it.

      A bit less than 1/4 cup of thinly sliced ginger (I use a vegetable peeler for this, so it's hard to gauge)
      1 Tbs. Thai red paste (I didn't have chili oil on hand)
      1/4 cup tamari sauce
      1 lime, juiced*
      Mixed these all together in a little coffee cup and let it sit for a bit to marry.

      1 bunch bok choy, greens and whites separated.
      1/2 red pepper
      1/4 green pepper (this is what I left over from omelet making)
      1/2 red onion
      - I didn't have any mushrooms on hand, so I omitted them

      Leftover top round roast. Cubed. I trimmed off the fat and just threw in the meat. I don't like how fat gets chewy in a saute, so I put the fat back in the container to use later. I ended up with just over a cup of beef.

      The beef was still really rare, more rare than my husband liked, so I threw that in the pan with Coconut Oil first, whizzed the veggies (except the bok choy greens) with the slicing attachment on my food processor, and threw them all on top, and then sauteed them a bit until the veggies were cooked. Poured the sauce over the veggies, mixed it up, and then turned off the heat. Threw the greens through the food processor slicer, and then poured them in the pan and mixed well. Served.


      *Too much lime! Next time I will use only 1/2 a lime. Though my husband is sensitive to sour - if you like sour + bitter greens the whole lime might be okay, but not in my house.

      Needs more meat. The recipe could hold over 2 cups of meat. Must order bigger roasts from the farmer next time (though being a newbie I really didn't know top rounds actually come with over an inch of fat on top).

      Though my husband thought it was too sour, my 5yo declared "I think I could really like this" which is as close as he gets to "I love it!" for anything served for dinner.

      Mushrooms would have made it better, and may have soaked up more of the lime.


      If you have a leftover roast and the veggies and a food processor, and you do it all in one pan like I did, this is an easy and quick meal.

      What's best about this meal, really, is that putting it over any kind of "base" of grain or rice would absolutely kill it. It just shows the great flavours of the veggies and meat at it's best as it is.

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