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Lambs hearts - recipe tips, anyone?

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  • Lambs hearts - recipe tips, anyone?

    I've bought 4 lambs hearts. I was thinking of slicing them up and cooking them with sliced onions, sage and passata. Would they be good done like this in a slow cooker for about 6 hours? Any suggestions form heart aficionados would be welcome...


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    First, hold the heart up and repeat "kali ma shakti de!"

    In seriousness, slow cooking would be fine as long as it is low temp. Just be aware it is not an excessively fatty cut, so overcooking will render something really chewy. Heart meat is an excellent candidate for braising as well (just give it a good sear beforehand). As a final tip, trim the junk bits - the parts obviously not heart meat - before any cooking.


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      Here are two recipes for beef heart, but I doubt lamb is much different other than being smaller:
      Grilled Beef Heart with Roasted Chili Peppers | Mark's Daily Apple
      Slow-Cooked “Heart on Fire” with Creamed Kale