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Help me cook lamb?

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  • Help me cook lamb?

    I bought (and froze) some lamb rib chops (package says 'rack lamb frenched') I have no clue what to do with it. How do I cook it? I also have an issue with meat not being cooked all the way. It's a texture thing. I keep trying and trying to eat meat somewhat pink in the center and the best I can do is med-well.

    Can anyone help me figure out what to do with this meat?
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    You've got a French cut lamb rack - this is a rack off the rib cage, bone ends trimmed and the gorgeous gems of meat on there.

    Defrost it. There are various ways to cook it, but for presentation, cover each of the bone ends with tin foil to prevent them burning. If you're not a presentation kind of person, leave it.

    Rack is very nice with a herb crust - get some of your favourite nuts (like macadamia or hazel), some fresh herbs, like parsley, thyme and so on ... blend the lot together with a little (and I mean a little) extra virgin olive oil and pat the cake onto the rack like a crust.

    Roast in the oven for 20 minutes, having pre-set and pre-heated the oven to 200C (400F, I think) and you'll have medium rare chops. Let 'em sit for 5 minutes. Cut down each rib after cooking.

    Try 25 minutes if you're not into pink meat. The chops from the edge will be the best done. Please do try the more pink ones towards the middle, but if you're really not into it, just pop them back in the oven while you enjoy the fully cooked ones from the edges. You'll know for next time.

    Assemble over salad leaves, your favourite vegetables or just wolf the lot down! You get so little meat on each that you need the whole rack and a Primal.

    Here's a quick snap from my pre-paleo days:

    ... and one since going functional paleo/primal/archevore/whatever the term:

    Feta is a wonderful bedfellow for lamb! Lashings of mint sauce ... if fact, you can't see the lamb drowned under mint sauce in the second picture.

    Mint sauce? Mint, splash of vinegar and some extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil. Blend together. Done. No sugar!

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      You've got a good cut of meat.

      I'd salt it and let it sit on the counter to get to room temp.
      Preheat an oven to 400F
      Then, sear the rack hard in a pan on as many sides as you can.
      I would pull it out, and put a small crust on all seared surfaces:
      - Dijon mustard, chopped garlic, chopped herbs, ground black pepper, salt

      Lay down a bed of veg in a roasting pan, place the rack on top and roast until internal temp is 145. It will take just a little longer than 140F, and a little less time than 150. (Cook by temp, not time.)

      Pull it out of the roasting pan, let it rest. Deglaze the pan and make a sauce. By the time the sauce is done, slice the chops, serve with sauce. Done.
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        Thanks for the great ideas! I bookmarked this and I will get it thawing so I can cook it, can't wait!
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          W/rib chops - you can cook it multiple ways - I always make a paste of olive oil, sea salt, rosemary, sage, mint, and garlic - coat the chops let sit for a couple of hrs (mostly they'll marinate in the fridge during the workday) then I'll sear 'em real quick in a hot pan - then transfer them to the broiler for 5-7mins... they come out perfect... I'll serve over a cauliflower Smashed potatoes (1 head cauliflower & 4 yukon golds - boil, drain, season w/garlic, butter and cream and blend w/hand blender) and braised kale!

          The paste is also good for a whole leg of lamb...
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            My favorite way to do rack of lamb consists of searing the rack of lamb on all sides, coat with mustard (not the bones) and a light dusting of finely ground espresso bean and finish it in the oven @ 350 to the desired level of doneness.. I'm a mid-rare kind of guy on my lamb. But it is stupid easy to cook an awesome rack of lamb.