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    Hey all,

    Just came back from a 1 week Backpacking trip in the Kings Canyon Area, and was hoping to get some ideas for primal backpacking recipes(that are not too heavy in weight). I stuck to a mostly primal diet(85%), but had waaaay too much weight in my pack. I took lots of meats(cooked at the trailhead the night before leaving), and dehydrated veggies, jerkey and hunters sausages. We also had some of the tradition Backpacking fare(Dehydrated meals), but they left me feeling kinda BLAH! Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is a frequent activity.
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    I just got back today from my trip.

    Alpine heaven!

    For food I tried to go primal.
    I had:
    Grassfed highland cattle alpine salami
    And my own home made dehydrated sweet potato - I'm not sure if sweet potato is considered very paleo but I figured it was better than regular potato.

    To make:

    Boil your sweet potato chunks for 10 minutes until soft.

    Drain most of the water. Leave a bit

    Sorta like mashed/baby food.

    Now spread it out on grease proof baking paper very thinly and evenly - sorry I forgot a picture of this so here is a picture of my tomato and normal potato (before I went primal)

    Oven should be at about 50-65 Celsius. 8-10 hours.

    It becomes

    A sheet - again that is tomato paste - also can be primal and super tasty.

    In the field.

    Simply rehydrate in the field with some water - leave it, stir it. Then put it on the heat and hey presto!

    I also gathered bilberries in the mountains

    What I will try next is Pemmican!


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      Thx Alias, I will give that a Go...Hope the trip went well. Cheers!
      Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!