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Preserved lemon - is it meant to be like this?

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  • Preserved lemon - is it meant to be like this?

    I made some preserved lemons a few weeks ago - after 3 weeks they smelled divine and I put them in the fridge.

    Today, I took some out to use - and the liquid they are in - the brine - has gone sort of viscous. Oily almost. I took some out, threw away the pulp and used it - it tasted OK. But does the brine normally go viscous or has it gone off?

    If it is NOT supposed to be like this, can I remove the lemons, discard the pulp, rinse the rinds and then cover them with olive oil - or ought I to bin the lot and start again?

    I'm loth to throw it out as the number of lemons and the sea salt came to quite a sum of money! But neither do I want to poison myself or guests.....

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    I have never actually made them myself, but apparently they do go viscous.

    Moroccan Style Salt Preserved Lemons


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      From Animord's link, for those who don't want to click through and read:

      Keep in the refrigerator. The lemons may develop a white film on the surface and the liquid will become viscous. This is as it should be. When ready to use a lemon, remove the lemon from the jar using something non-reactive and clean and rinse off the lemon you are using.

      Preserved lemons keep several months in the refrigerator.
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        Thanks! The ones I used tasted ace - in a Moroccan type ratatouille. Usual ratatouille ingredients - red pepper, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, all tossed in olive oil and lots of coarsely ground cumin, roasted in oven until soft and then a handful of chopped mint, handful of chopped basil and a handful of chopped preserved lemon stirred in.

        Divine! It was something I ate in Tangier and wanted to reproduce - it wasn't exact but close. I wonder if the original had chopped anchovy in it?