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  • Beef stroganoff

    Wife put in a request for beef stroganoff and told me to use up the bolar roast she had sitting in the fridge. Here's what I did:

    * Coarsely chop two large onions and three cloves of garlic. Puree in blender, adding water to facilitate
    * Heat ghee in pot and add onion puree. Cook on moderate heat, stirring, until puree has changed colour and oil is separating
    * Add coarsely chopped beef (approx 1kg) and stir until coloured
    * Add beef stock to cover (I had some stock from boiling a tongue), salt and pepper to taste (1tsp salt worked for me)
    * Bring to boil then simmer on low heat uncovered, stirring regularly until a rich sauce has formed and the meat is cooked. This took two hours, but depends on meat and quantities
    * Add 200g sliced button mushrooms and 250ml sour cream
    * Warm through for about 10min

    Sauce was delicious. Only change I would make would be to use a fattier cut of meat. Chuck on the bone would be perfect. On the other hand the lipidphobes thought the meat was good.

    We served it with leftover roast veggies and some microwaved broccoli
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    MMM that sounds delicious! Will have to try this some time
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