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Looking for Primal Appetizer Recipes

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  • Looking for Primal Appetizer Recipes

    I'm a new member of the primal lifestyle, and my 1 year anniversary is coming up with my girlfriend. So, I'd like to make her a nice primal meal, and am looking for appetizer recipes. Thanks in advance!

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    Here are some ideas that come to mind...

    Cheese/herb stuffed mushrooms
    Grilled slices of zucchini spiraled with goat cheese
    Bacon blue cheese dip (with apples and celery)
    Bacon-wrapped, garlic-stuffed dates
    Stuffed peppers (I like pepperocini's stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bacon. I've heard other peppers stuffed with sausage meat have gone over well)
    Smoked salmon spirals with cream cheese
    Marinated mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on skewers/toothpicks

    Good luck!


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      can't go wrong with salad (my favorite is waldorf chicken salad, or shrimp with macadamias)
      --Trish (Bork)


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        shrimp - lots of variations
        Bacon-wrapped scallops on a bed of greens
        Mussels in wine sauce
        Sausage stuffed mushrooms
        Fresh tomatoes with basil, mozzarella, and olive oil, salt & pepper to taste


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          Seach this site for any kind of primal recipes and you will hit gold.
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            Big mushrooms - 4 - 5 inches across. Smear liberally with pesto. Chop some sun dried tomato on top of that and a slice of goats cheese from a round on each. Bake at 180C for about 20 minutes. Delish!


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              You might want to start with what your gal loves for her appetizers normally, and work from there

              Me, if my husband of 12 years decided to cook me an anniversary dinner, I would be all over bacon-wrapped grilled asparagus!
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                Deviled Eggs.
                and you can pretty much wrap anything in bacon and it'll be a hit.
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                  Primal Jalepeno poppers
                  Scallops wrapped in bacon
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                    living in the ice age: Asparagus and Aioli - good sharing dish for a primal couple.
                    living in the ice age: Fried Whitebait with Aioli - similar.
                    living in the ice age: Baked Chilli Eggs Wrapped in Bacon - do them individually in ramekins and add in a little smoked salmon.
                    living in the ice age: Pickled Herring Salad - herrings RULE!
                    living in the ice age: Deli Meat, Egg and Pickle - you can do devilled eggs as part of this concept.
                    living in the ice age: Potted Beef - potted beef or pate, either would be fine.

                    ... or lettuce leaves, smoked salmon, caviar and a bottle of Champagne to take out on a walk and enjoy the sunset together:

                    Have fun, whatever you choose! Happy 1st!, and many more to come!

                    We just made 10:

                    You can tell ... we like caviar and Champagne

                    "... needs more fish!"