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What do you do with bone broth?

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  • What do you do with bone broth?

    So, I made some bone broth.

    Now how do I use it?

    I have to be honest, drinking it straight up doesn't seem really appealing. I guess if I salted it, that would help it out, but it's pretty bland as-is.

    Do you guys just use it where you would use stock?

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    Soups and stews!


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      what critters went into the broth?
      beef? caramelized onions and swiss cheese makes quick french onion. Tomatoes, Tabasco and garlic salt makes a nice tomato-beef.
      chicken? I like to simmer carrots (or any other veggie really) and then puree for a creamy soup.
      pork? sounds like ramen to me, so I add soy sauce and stir in a scrambled egg to make an egg drop noodle of sorts.


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        Soups, stews, for making sauces and gravies, for poaching meat in, to make a jus (to reduce the stock by about three quarters, so that it sets to a jelly, which has a much stronger taste and can be used to add flavour to vegetables or as a glaze for meats - it also takes up much less space in the freezer!), or as a base for some mousses - one of my favourite ones for (very) occasional use is to mix a beef jus with cream cheese until it's thoroughly mixed, then allow to set in the fridge and top with fish roe - very delicious!


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          Reduce it then drink it! (beef broth: try adding a shot of Manzanilla (very 'dry') sherry)!! If you don't like that special sherry flavour, try potato vodka.

          Warm fresh broth/vodka shots; best medicine of both worlds. Yam-Sing!!!!!

          May I suggest......'Pure' Paleo: 'just the 'old'.

          Primal: 'the best of the 'old' and just the "cream" of the 'new'.
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            I just warmed and salted/peppered mine and drank it.
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              Problem solved.

              Hit with some salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and a dash of hot sauce.

              It's DELICIOUS.

              I'm gonna have to start making this more often.


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                Sauces! Definitely sauces!

                And on chilly days, soup is tha bomb!